My team was really stressed and put into some difficult situations. Thanks to work I’ve been doing with you, I was able to speak calm and positivity into a lot of those situations and moments.   -Group Coaching Participant

We are so thankful for your journey and for your help and expertise. Meeting and working with you has been an incredible blessing. -Corporate Executive

Really powerful first session – wow! It’s amazing what asking questions can do and you asked me some really great eye-opening questions at the first session. There is something about the questions you ask that really helps me to think about things differently. -Coaching Client

I believe you were placed perfectly in my life at the right time. You have given me personally and professionally so much lift. I can’t thank you enough! -Coaching Client

I owe a lot to you. Appreciate you and your insight, and your pushing me to find my voice…helping me be more courageous. -Coaching Client

I wish I had the words to describe how much they valued your presentation this morning. It was EXACTLY what I wanted you to deliver and it was EXACTLY what they needed to hear. When I asked if I should have you back every year – the exclaimed, “every month!” -Nonprofit Executive

We were impressed with how well you listened, and how accurately you captured the issues we are facing. I am blown away by your insight and your kind and understanding ways. Thank you so much for your advice and the care you have for us. -Small Business Owner

I can’t thank you enough! By allowing me to reflect deeply on the answers to tough questions (which I had been avoiding), I had to come face-to-face with the things that were holding me back personally and professionally. I didn’t realize how much these things were distracting me from productive work until I did my work! I would highly recommend The Restoration Project! -Coaching Client

This year (2020), more than ever, your support has made the biggest difference. I hope that the thankfulness and gratitude that we have for you carries into your Thanksgiving celebration, whatever that might look like this year! -Nonprofit Executive

When I know the goal and end game and feel empowered, I can totally crush it. I want to keep crushing it.  Thanks for the motivation to make this a priority. Looking forward to your next challenge! -Group Coaching Participant

I just wanted to thank you for helping me through this challenging time in my life. You really helped build my confidence, listened and validated my thoughts, and introduced me to so many tools that have helped reduce my anxiety and tackle all of these challenges! -Coaching Client

Your words really made me want to change my life and my view of myself. I am really going to get to work on being the best, healthiest version of me. Thank you. A million times, thank you.
-Workshop Participant

I feel very blessed to have you in my life, our conversations really keep me motivated to continue to push through…even when things get a little tough.  Thank you!! -Coaching Client

We would love to serve and support you and your team! Reach out to us to talk more at info@the-restorationproject.com

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