Are you ready to do the work to be your best?

  • If you are facing any of the following challenges, I’d love to help!
  • Performance and growth are falling short of expectations.
  • Complex problems are proving difficult to resolve.
  • Things feel overwhelming and frustrating or have hit a plateau. 
  • Change and innovation are difficult.
  • Trust and collaboration are missing.
  • Together we can remove fear and limits and then identify and execute your highest vision for yourself, your team, and your organization!

Empower Clarity and Confidence with Individual/Group Coaching and Support
Build Connection and Courage through Organizational Consulting

Gain Insight and Inspiration through Training and Workshops

I love to be with people in hard times, to solve complex problems, and to inspire courageous decisions. I thrive in complex organizational structures with complicated issues. I enjoy pairing my sales experience and client services orientation to raise the bar on client acquisition and retention. At the end of the day I like to work with leaders who allow me to be part of the team to solve the biggest issues they face.

The Restoration Project
Lindsay Leahy

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