If you are on the hunt for clarity, confidence, and growth, then you’re in the right place! Culture tells us we can “have” and “do” it all. I don’t know about you, but trying to live and work that way left me overwhelmed and defeated. I lost sight of who I was and what was important to me. I struggled to find joy and meaning in my work, and sometimes in my life. My lack of confidence kept me from living my best life and doing my best work.
I see that happening every day, all around me.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, facing a life decision, recovering from pain and loss, or just searching for more peace in your life and purpose in your work, I would love to support you! I can help reignite clarity and confidence so you can live the significant and successful life you were meant to live!

As an organization, if you are struggling to grow, keep people engaged and motivated, or feel like you just can’t get things across the finish line timely, I would love to serve you and your employees. I can help you build a plan for growth and intelligence management strategy that enables you to maximize your resources and empowers your team to make faster, more informed decisions. We can improve the human experience, accelerate growth, reduce waste, and allow you to adapt to change more quickly.

Are you in transition? Looking to make a change? Stuck in a rut? Ready to grow to the next level?
I’d love to serve and support you on your journey. Having someone to encourage and challenge us is a great way to overcome adversity and accelerate achievement. We often know what we need to do, yet having someone assist with planning and accountability can be the difference between thinking about it and actually doing it. Are you ready to gain clarity, boost your confidence, conquer fears, and live your best life?

All sessions are confidential.
I serve and support people on their personal and professional journeys. Job changes, life changes, new responsibilities, personal struggles, crisis, you name it. I provide safe space for you to work through things to gain clarity and confidence.
One-time visit (60 minutes)
Support engagement
(Goal setting + 6 sessions)
*To ensure the right fit, we start with a free initial consultation

Most organizational issues come from a breakdown in clarity, communication, or conflict resolution. After all, organizations are filled with humans. My unique skills and experience with business strategy, communication, and humans coupled with my passion for solving problems allows me to help with complex and complicated organizational issues. I can help you improve overall alignment, team cohesion, and organizational performance. Work smarter, invest wiser, and grow faster.

Free initial consultation to understand issues, determine objectives, and outline how we might work together.
Examples of ways I could help:
-Strategic Planning
-New Leader Training
-Intelligence Management
-Team Building
-Ideal Team Member Experience

(recruiting, onboarding, learning, development, management, coaching, retention)
-Ideal Client Experience & Sales Process
(evaluate all touches from prospecting through client retention)

Until you’ve learned to understand, love, and lead yourself, you can’t do those things for others. Understanding our own thoughts, actions, perceptions, and habits can accelerate success in our life and work. These workshops encourage internal exploration through questioning and reflection. After participating you will have a renewed sense of purpose and intention, and understand more clearly how you can be happier, healthier, and more successful. You will be able to more effectively inspire and serve others.

SPECIAL Nov. 2019 – March 2020
Stop Doing Workshop
It’s time to clear out all that is no longer serving you on your journey to live your best life and do your best work! Instead of piling on one more thing, what are 1-2 things you can stop doing to give you more time and energy?

Self-Mastery Level 1:
Find Your Voice
Self-awareness is the foundation to growth. Reveal who you really are and identify your unique gifts.

Self-Mastery Level 2:
Discover Your Power
Examine the influences and experiences that shape your perceptions, values, and beliefs.

Self-Mastery Level 3:
Accelerate Your Impact
Evaluate your habits, routines, and use of resources against our vision for who we want to be and what we want to achieve.
*These workshops can be built into a full retreat

The Restoration Project
Lindsay Leahy

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