I’m on a mission to reverse the trends that leave us exhausted and empty, and our organizations ineffective and underperforming. I want to help each person I support live both a significant and successful life. I want to help the organizations I serve improve the human experience and accelerate growth.

Clarity, confidence, care, and intention are my “secret weapons.” When you combine the personal adversity I’ve overcome, my sales background, leadership and strategic experience, and a call to serve, I have acquired a unique set of skills and perspective to help individuals improve their personal and professional life, and to help organizations improve the human experience and the bottom line.

I believe the seeds of transformation are inside each of us. We have to be willing to slow down and listen. Outside counsel and a trusted advisor have helped me level up all areas of my life and work, now I would love to serve in that role for you or your team!

The Restoration Project
Lindsay Leahy

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