Together we can be a force for positive change! Let’s reverse the trends that leave us exhausted and empty, and our organizations ineffective and underperforming. We can be successful and fulfilled. We can improve the human experience and the bottom line.

We are passionate about preparing the next generation of individuals, leaders, and teams to live their best life and do their best work. We have made a personal commitment to our own continuous learning and growth so we can use our strengths to improve and inspire those around us.

Contact Lindsay at: dreambuilder@the-restorationproject.com or 319-538-4474

Contact Brooke at: energybuilder@the-restorationproject.com or 319-899-8045

Contact Sarah at: calmcreator@the-restorationproject.com or 319-431-0566

We’d love to serve and support you. Contact us today!

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